Youngsters’ Station Visit Goes Down a Storm


The first official visit to Cowes lifeboat station by members of Stormforce, the RNLI club for children, proved to be a resounding success.
Despite the station busily playing its part in Cowes Week activities, several lifeboat members found time to occupy the youngsters and parents for a full two and half hours.
Organised by lifeboat visitor officer Steve Price, the programme included a tour conducted by Steve of the Atlantic 85 RIB ‘Sheena Louise’, a rope knot demonstration by Richard Parr and lessons in First Aid by Dr Will King. A final treat was to witness the launching and recovery of the lifeboat, prior to its daily safety patrol during the famous regatta.
Thanking fellow station members for giving up the morning for the visit, Steve reported: “The feedback from the children was excellent, with all the activities on the day given a happy face on their forms.
“Lifeboat members had a real willingness to work together to share their expertise and passion for the lifeboats with our young supporters and families, some Islanders and others holidaying on the Island. Not only did the children enjoy a ‘hands on’ experience but, more importantly, their membership of Stormforce will hopefully have created life-long supporters of the charity.
“It was also nice that at the end of the visit we received £85.22 in donations from the young visitors and their families.”
He was, in addition, very grateful to Cowes Lifeboat Guild members Anna Morgan Crockett and Fran Bracken for providing the youngsters with refreshments.

Author: George Chastney
Photo credit: Nick Edwards