Warm Praise for Cowes Lifeboat Station’s Response to Call-Outs

19th June 2017

One of the last ‘shouts’ involved a sinking 33 foot motorboat in Wootton Creek, attended by the lifeboat just after 3 am on Sunday, 18 June.

The unusually high number of call-outs involving Cowes RNLI lifeboat over an
11-day period brought praise for the station’s all-volunteer members from their
Lifeboat Operations Manager, Mark Southwell.

From Thursday 8 th June to Sunday 18 th June there were no fewer than nine ‘shouts’,
with each one attracting sufficient lifeboat crew, shore-crew and a launch authority
member to fully respond to the perceived emergency.

“The consistency throughout was quite exemplary, considering our volunteers also
have a life outside of the RNLI including family and work commitments,” said Mark.
“Although, fortunately, not one of the call-outs involved an injury or a fatality, there
were several where the outcome could have been very different without our

The ‘shouts’ included a yacht aground on the Bramble Bank, several men in difficulty
in the River Medina, engine failure involving yachts, a RIB, and a fishing boat, a
capsized windsurfer, a sinking motorboat in Wootton Creek, and a drifting unattended
RIB. And several of the call-outs were late at night or in the early hours of the

Author: George Chastney, Lifeboat Press Officer

Photo Credit: RNLI Cowes