Cowes Lifeboat Station

Voluntary Service at Cowes Lifeboat Station is Recognised

26th July 2017

Members of the station, including certificate recipients, are joined by senior RNLI officers outside the station after the presentations.

Recognition by the RNLI for the way the Cowes lifeboat station involves the
general public was among the certificates presented at a ceremony outside the

The ‘innovation and commitment’ of the station’s Visits and Education Team towards
enhancing public involvement, including teaching children about water safety at
either the station or in local schools, was recognised by one certificate signed by the
RNLI’s Chief Executive, Paul Boissier. Received by the station’s Lifeboat Operations
Manager, Mark Southwell, it is now proudly displayed on a wall at the station.

Mark was also one of the individual recipients of the newly introduced ‘excellence in
volunteering’ certificates, in acknowledgement of his management of the successful
transfer in 2008 of the Cowes lifeboat from an independent operation to becoming
part of the RNLI. Also receiving the certificate were former independent lifeboat crew
members, Steve Dines, Paul Brace. Steve is now a Deputy Launch Officer, and Paul
one of the two lifeboat mechanics.

Other ‘excellence’ certificates went to Penny Maclean, who heads the Visits and
Education Team, and Press Officer, George Chastney, who had a similar voluntary
post with the independent lifeboat.

In addition, certificates were presented to crew members in recognition of their
completion of sea safety courses at the RNLI’s Poole-based college, for skills ranging
from basic sea safety, to capsize survival and DC electrics. These were: lifeboat
mechanic John McBride, and crew members Anne Simkin, Martin Calmon, Piers
Tyler, Dominic Roberton, and Andrea Vaughan.

Taking turns to hand over various certificates were National Council member Andrew
Cooper (who lives in Cowes), Philanthropy Manager Ali O’Neil, and Jenny Clune,
who together with her late husband donated in 1988 the first lifeboat to the former
Cowes independent station and is now a member of the RNLI’s East Cowes branch.

Author: George Chastney, Lifeboat Press Officer

Photo Credit: Nick Edwards/RNLI Cowes