Yachtsman shoulders great pain for Andy Murray’s victory

A yachtsman whose celebrations over Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win went much too far, ended up with him in great pain and having to be rescued by Cowes RNLI lifeboat this evening.

The 45 year old man was aboard his friend’s 39 foot yacht, Bliss, moored in Newtown Creek, when he decided to take a celebratory dive into the sea on news of Murray’s championship victory.

As he hit the water, however, his right shoulder became dislocated. Although his arm was now firmly stuck in the air he still somehow managed to swim to the boat’s rear platform where he was helped back on board by the owner.

After being alerted by Solent Coastguards of the incident, the lifeboat was launched just after 6 pm and was quickly on the scene. One of the lifeboat crew, Dr Will King, checked the man over before he was transferred to the lifeboat. He was then taken to Trinity Landing, Cowes, where an ambulance was waiting to convey him to Newport’s St Mary’s Hospital.

On the way to Cowes the injured man told the crew that dislocation of his shoulder was a recurring problem for him. The last time was when he fell on the yacht while celebrating St Patrick’s Day! But on that occasion he managed to put his shoulder back without the need of outside assistance.

The lifeboat, helmed by Laurie O’Callaghan, returned to station at 7.15 pm

Author: George Chastney