Drifting Dinghy Proved No Child’s Play for One Man

DA 25 year old man, aimlessly adrift on the Solent in a child’s inflatable dinghy, sparked a rescue operation involving Cowes RNLI, Hampshire police and auxiliary coastguards this evening.

The man had apparently gone to sea in the inflatable at Thorness, west of Cowes. Well over an hour later his plight was spotted by someone on Thorness Beach, and informed Solent Coastguards.

He was first taken aboard a police RIB, then later transferred to Cowes lifeboat which duly delivered him and his flimsy craft back to the shore. There Needles mobile auxiliary coastguards were waiting to further add to straightforward advice he had already received from the police.

Cowes lifeboat launched at 7.15 pm and returned at 8.25 pm.

Author: George Chastney