Cowes Lifeboat Station

Storm Doris and Asian Breeze launches Cowes Lifeboat

23rd February 2017

Cowes lifeboat passing Cowes breakwater returning to station from the Eastern Solent. Credit: Nick Edwards

Cowes relief lifeboat, John and Louisa Fisher, was launched on service at 14:40 on Thursday 23rd Feb, following a report from the large car carrier, Asian Breeze, that a life-ring had been spotted in the water near West Ryde Middle buoy, drifting south east towards Osborne Bay. The lifeboat was therefore tasked by HM Coast Guard to investigate further.

Cowes lifeboat Helmsman, Mark Harker on board, with the recovered Life-ring. Credit: Nick Edwards

Storm Doris had yet to abate. The wind was blowing west of North, force 7 gusting 8 in the open Solent to the North and West. but the relatively sheltered Eastern Solent provided slightly calmer waters for a search and the life-ring was rapidly recovered into the lifeboat. Its origins remained unclear, there being no identification markings and it was obvious that it had spent some time in the sea.

Unsurprisingly, given the weather, there were few vessels in the vicinity and they were approached and quickly eliminated as a possible source.

With no further information and no sign of anything untoward, Cowes lifeboat returned to station at 15.15.

Author: Nick Edwards, Acting Press Officer and Deputy Launching Authority

Photo Credit: RNLI/Nick Edwards