Mud Slide Puts Paid to Students’ Fossil Hunt

23 January 2014

Two students, trapped by a mud slide while fossil hunting, had to be rescued by Cowes RNLI lifeboat today.

The students, from Southampton University, a 20 year old female studying marine biology and a male aged 21 studying geology, had decided to explore the shore of Thorness Bay which they believed was rich in fossils. But when they discovered their way was blocked by a mud landslide near Quarry Ledge they felt obliged to seek help through Solent Coastguards.

First on the scene were members of the Needles coastguard unit. Then Cowes lifeboat, launched just before 2 pm, also arrived. The mud-spattered students and their bikes were taken aboard and brought back to Town Quay, Cowes, where first on the agenda was a thorough wash-down.

The lifeboat, helmed by Max Rimington, had been away from station for 45 minutes.

Author: George Chastney.