Man-Overboard Drama Leads to Lifeboat Call-Out

6th April 2019

Cowes RNLI lifeboat was launched this morning after a 54 year old man fell overboard from a yacht on a training exercise.

The incident happened just outside Cowes breakwater when the guard rail he leaned on at the bow of the 36-foot boat suddenly gave way. Although the man – who was wearing a lifejacket – was rescued by the yacht within minutes, there was sufficient concern about his condition for a call to be made to coastguards.

The lifeboat, which launched at 9.14 am with Mark Harker at the helm, came alongside the yacht to put aboard crew-member Dr Will King; he carried out an assessment of the man, who had swallowed seawater although remained conscious.

When the yacht arrived at Trinity Landing the man was taken to a waiting ambulance to undergo a further examination. He never went to hospital, however, and eventually returned to the yacht when it set sail for Hamble.

The yacht was involved in a Royal Yachting Association training course at the time of the incident.

Coincidentally, among its five strong crew was a long serving member of Cowes lifeboat, Andrew Vaughan, who is well trained in casualty care.