Cowes Lifeboat Station

Lifeboat Searches Fog-Bound Harbour After Car Ferry Collision

27th September 2018

Cowes lifeboat spent two hours searching in thick fog this morning for yachts
that had been torn from their moorings by an outgoing car ferry.

The lifeboat launched at 7 am when the fog in the harbour was down to less than 50
metres. It was apparent that the ship had ploughed through the moorings of a
catamaran and several Daring Class yachts, sending several of the Darings adrift.

Two were recovered just outside the harbour, one by a Cowes Harbour launch and
the other by the lifeboat. The lifeboat also went on to find that a 30-foot catamaran
had been pushed from its mooring on to another Daring, which ended up hard
against the catamaran’s stern.

Also left at an angle was the post indicating the small vessel channel.
All the craft were towed into Shepards Marina.

Cowes Harbour Commission confirmed that the 5.30 Red Funnel ferry Red Eagle
was apparently responsible. The catamaran is owned by the Vicar of St Mary’s
Church, the Rev Andrew Poppe, who has been informed of the mishap.

Calshot lifeboat was also launched, to carry out a search of the Bramble Bank area,
which proved to be fruitless.