Lifeboat Responds to Medical Emergency in River Medina

26th April 2015

An emergency call that a young man on a yacht had suffered a fit lead to Cowes RNLI l Lifeboat rushing to his aid this morning. 

The man, aged 22, was with work colleagues from the Lake District aboard a chartered yacht moored overnight on a pontoon in the middle of the River Medina.. When the lifeboat arrived on the scene, near the Folly, lifeboat member Peter Murphy-Latham went aboard the yacht, the Quinta, to discover the man had suffered a diabetic fit because of a sugar imbalance.

He was immediately given a glucose gel carried on the lifeboat, to add to the sugar given by the yacht crew. The lifeboat then took him to the Folly where he was checked over by paramedics in an ambulance.

Having then been found to require no further treatment, the man was returned to the yacht by the lifeboat.

The lifeboat, which had launched at 8.39 am, returned to station at 9.45 pm.

Author: George Chastney, Lifeboat Press Officer