Lifeboat Joins Windsurfer Rescue Bid

15th June 2017

Thanks to the keen hearing of a man cutting his hedge, Cowes RNLI lifeboat
went into life-saving mode this evening.

As Gurnard resident Simon Morgan was tackling his hedge he heard desperate cries
for help coming from the sea. Discovering that a windsurfer had capsized and was
being swept westwards by a strong wind and tide, he tried without success to reach
him through the choppy sea in his kayak.

It was then that Cowes lifeboat’s operations manager, Mark Southwell, was told just
before 5.30 pm of the situation – and immediately ordered the launching of the
lifeboat. Simon also alerted the crew of a safety boat at Gurnard Sailing Club to the

But before help could arrive from either boat, the windsurfer had somehow regained
his craft and was safely making his way back to Gurnard beach.

Author: George Chastney, Lifeboat Press Officer