Injured Yachtswoman Attended to by Cowes Lifeboat

24th June 2017

Cowes Lifeboat was launched yesterday evening after a woman sustained a
potentially serious head injury on a yacht.

The 32 foot yacht was near the entrance to Cowes Harbour when the woman,
believed to be in her sixties, was apparently hit by the boom in the gusty conditions.
Cowes lifeboat was involved when the boat arrived at Shepards Wharf Marina; after
manoeuvring the yacht on to an empty pontoon slot, crew members provided
casualty care. Also giving assistance were coastguards from Bembridge.

The woman was then taken by ambulance to Newport’s St Mary’s Hospital.
The lifeboat, which launched at 5.26 pm, returned to station about an hour later.

Author: George Chastney, Lifeboat Press Officer