Fire on Yacht Fears Lead to Lifeboat Call-Out

28th April 2017

Ominous signs that their motor-cruiser might suddenly burst into flames led the crew to urgently radio for assistance, a call that was duly answered by Cowes RNLI lifeboat.

While the 34 foot Blagger was off Gurnard the man and woman aboard were alarmed by the engine emitting a burning smell and what appeared to be smoke.

Before the situation become worse, however – they had feared they would have to abandon the motor-cruiser – the lifeboat arrived on the scene and towed the craft to East Cowes Marina.

Lifeboat helm, Alasdair Boden, said the engine was overheating because the inlet bringing in water to cool the engine, had become blocked when the craft had earlier gone aground in Newtown Estuary. While the burning smell genuinely came from smouldering wiring, the ‘smoke’ was more likely to have been steam.

The lifeboat, which had launched at 8 pm, was away from station for about an hour.

Author: George Chastney, Lifeboat Press Officer