Cowes Lifeboat’s Crew Switched from Training to Rescue Mode

18th April 2018

Cowes lifeboat prepares to tow the yacht back to Cowes.

A training session took on a for-real operation for the crew of Cowes
RNLI lifeboat last (Tuesday) evening, when they broke-off to go to the
aid of two yachts aground on The Bramble Bank near the entrance to
Southampton Water.

Although the crew of one yacht managed to free it from the bank, the other
one, owned by the Cowes-based UKSA, was stuck fast. It is understood that
at the time both were involved in a race.

By using the yacht’s crew to lean their vessel over, the lifeboat was able to
pull it off the sand and then carry out an along-side tow back to Cowes.
The lifeboat, which had launched from the station at 7 pm, arrived back
shortly before 10 pm.