Cowes Lifeboat Responds to Family’s Fire Alert

29th August 2021

An electrical fire aboard a motor-cruiser carrying a family of five this morning sparked an urgent launch for Cowes lifeboat.

The 30-foot craft was off Newtown at the time of the call for help. However, by the time the lifeboat arrived alongside the motor-cruiser it had been towed by another craft to off Hurst Point and everyone except the man had transferred to another boat.

Although the lifeboat crew found no sign of fire, there was a strong smell of smoke. Because of a possible risk, the motor-cruiser was barred from entering Yarmouth Harbour, and responsibility for the vessel was subsequently handed over by the lifeboat to the emergency Seastart service.

The lifeboat, which had launched just before 10 am, returned to station at 11.45 am.