Cowes Lifeboat Station

Cowes Lifeboat Races to the Aid of Three Men in a Boat

4th October 2013


 A 38 foot yacht, stranded in mid-Solent when its jib sheet became wrapped around the propeller, was eventually towed into Cowes by the local RNLI lifeboat.

The Silver Tide, with three men on board, was on passage from Yarmouth to Beaulieu when the incident occurred. As the boat began to drifting westwards in the Force 6 south-westerly the crew just before 11.30 am alerted Solent Coastguards to their plight.

Cowes Atlantic 85 lifeboat, with James Findley at the helm, was launched and found the yacht near Gurnard Ledge. Silver Tide was taken in tow, and near the entrance to Cowes Harbour the lifeboat continued the rest of the journey with an alongside tow.

The yacht was eventually delivered to Cowes Yacht Haven one hour and ten minutes after the tow began.


Author: George Chastney