Cowes Lifeboat Dislodges Couple’s Troublesome Anchor Chain

28th June 2019

Members of the lifeboat crew look down on the yacht’s chain

A couple who experienced an unexpected problem with their anchor chain had to call on the help of Cowes RNLI lifeboat this afternoon.

The couple had diverted their 50-foot yacht to Osborne Bay for a leisure break while on passage from Chichester to Bembridge, when their anchor chain became caught up in boat’s bow-thrust aperture.

After launching at 3.26 pm, the lifeboat was soon on the scene. Eventually, with the help of a boat hook and the lifeboat tentatively nudging the yacht’s hull, the chain was successfully dislodged from its unwanted resting place.

With the chain and anchor safely stowed away, yacht then set sail for Bembridge, while the lifeboat returned to station, arriving at 4 pm.