Cowes Lifeboat Attends to Injured Cowes Week Teenager

11th August 2019

A 19-year-old crewman of a Cowes Week yacht, whose legs were crushed in a two-boat collision, led to Cowes RNLI lifeboat launching to the rescue around noon today. The teenager was one of four men aboard a 25-foot yacht in collision with another yacht while his legs were dangling over the side.

The incident occurred near Ryde Middle Buoy in the eastern Solent in fresh winds, and it was believed that at least one of his legs was fractured The lifeboat, with Doctor Will King in the crew, attended to the injured man and put him into a special stretcher. An alongside tow eventually proceeded to Trinity Landing off Cowes Parade, with the injured teenager remaining on the yacht’s deck.

Waiting at the Trinity pontoon were ambulance crew, together with Island
coastguards and Cowes lifeboat shore crew. The waiting ambulance took the teenager to St Mary’s Hospital.

The lifeboat launched just before noon and returned to station at 1.35 pm.