Cowes Lifeboat Assists Sail-Jammed Yacht

1st August 2020

Chris Adams relaxes on the station slipway after his probable last shout.

Cowes RNLI lifeboat went to the aid of a yacht in a choppy Western Solent today, which had a hopelessly jammed jib. 

To add to the problems for the two men aboard the stricken boat – they could not start the engine.

Their plight was originally reported to Coastguards by another vessel. Fortuitously, Cowes lifeboat was already afloat, taking part in a routine exercise, and the call to help came through at 12.52 pm. 

After eventually sorting out the jib the lifeboat towed the yacht to a mooring in Beaulieu River, and returned to station at 3.15 pm.

Although the ‘shout’ was not so dramatic as some involving Cowes lifeboat, it proved particularly memorable for Chris Adams, for whom this could well be the last time he serves as a crew member. Chris, who on the 9th August will be 55, when crew members are obliged to stand down, had been with the lifeboat for ten years.

“I would like to stay as crew, but obviously younger people are coming through to fill my place,” Chris said. He also said his local business, making bespoke globes, was these days taking up so much of his time.

“But I shall not be leaving the station completely. I will become part of the shore crew.”