Cowes Lifeboat and Helicopter in Yachtsman Emergency

17th July 2021

A man suffering from serious chest pains aboard a yacht in Newtown Creek led to a rescue operation late yesterday (Friday) evening, involving Cowes RNLI lifeboat and the Coastguard helicopter.

The lifeboat had been out in the Solent for crew assessment when just before 9 pm it was diverted from Stanswood Bay to the emergency. On arrival they found the man and a woman aboard a yacht.

The man was tended by a woman paramedic from a passing yacht and the winchman from the Coastguard helicopter, who had first been lowered to the lifeboat. Also put aboard the yacht were two lifeboat crew members.

The couple were eventually transferred by the lifeboat to the helicopter, which had landed on a nearby shingle beach. They were then flown to a hospital in Southampton.C