Cowes Lifeboat Tows Motorboat to Safety

14th September 2019

Venturing out into the Solent in a motorboat proved more problematical than expected for the four people aboard, leading to Cowes RNLI lifeboat having to come to their aid.

While in Osborne Bay the craft developed engine trouble, and its anchor failed to prevent it being driven ever closer to the shore.

Launched at 5.06 pm, the lifeboat towed the motorboat to a mooring at the Folly, in the River Medina, and finally returned to station at 6.30 pm.

Cowes Lifeboat Responds to ‘Men in Difficulties’ Alarm

13th September 2019

Cowes RNLI lifeboat dashed across the Solent this evening, following reports that three young men appeared to be in difficulties off the Lepe shore.

When the lifeboat arrived in the area of Lepe Spit Cardinal Buoy they found three men in their early twenties swimming in the fading light towards the shore with a kayak and a small inflatable dinghy.

It appeared that the alarm was raised when they were spotted clinging to the Lepe Spit buoy.

After ensuring the men safely reached the shore the lifeboat returned to station.

Cowes Lifeboat Gives Stranded Visitors a Helping Hand

23rd August 2019

Five Lithuanian men experienced at first hand the charitable activities of the RNLI this (Friday) evening, when Cowes lifeboat went to the aid of their crippled motorboat.

The 29-foot craft had lost engine power in the Solent, off Gurnard Luck. When the lifeboat arrived on the scene the crew implemented an alongside tow, to take the motorboat to Trinity Landing. There the grateful Lithuanians were met by onshore coastguards.

Having launched at 5 pm, the lifeboat returned to station at 6.15 pm.

Tangled Spinnaker Leads to Man Overboard Emergency

15th August 2019

A tangled spinnaker turned out to be the least of the problems for the five
people crewing a Cowes Week yacht, resulting in several craft, including
Cowes RNLI lifeboat, rushing to its aid.

The spinnaker-tangling occurred aboard a J/80 keelboat in brisk winds, in the area of Ryde Middle bank. It appeared the yacht had tipped flat onto the sea when a crew member climbed the mast to try to free the recalcitrant sail, resulting in him crashing into the water.

Cowes lifeboat was tasked around 2 pm by Coastguards to assist the independent Gosport lifeboat, already on the scene.

With one of a crew member needing medical attention, the now re-righted craft was eventually taken in tow to Shepards Marina, Cowes, by a Cowes Week committee boat; there the yacht was met by Isle of Wight coastguards and ambulance personnel.

The same yacht also needed help in last year’s Cowes Week, when it lost its rudder.

Cowes Lifeboat Attends to Injured Cowes Week Teenager

11th August 2019

A 19-year-old crewman of a Cowes Week yacht, whose legs were crushed in a two-boat collision, led to Cowes RNLI lifeboat launching to the rescue around noon today. The teenager was one of four men aboard a 25-foot yacht in collision with another yacht while his legs were dangling over the side.

The incident occurred near Ryde Middle Buoy in the eastern Solent in fresh winds, and it was believed that at least one of his legs was fractured The lifeboat, with Doctor Will King in the crew, attended to the injured man and put him into a special stretcher. An alongside tow eventually proceeded to Trinity Landing off Cowes Parade, with the injured teenager remaining on the yacht’s deck.

Waiting at the Trinity pontoon were ambulance crew, together with Island
coastguards and Cowes lifeboat shore crew. The waiting ambulance took the teenager to St Mary’s Hospital.

The lifeboat launched just before noon and returned to station at 1.35 pm.

Cowes Lifeboat Tows Family’s Motorboat to Safety

4th August 2019

An afternoon trip into the Solent ended almost before it began for three adults and two children aboard a 12-foot motorboat – leading to Cowes RNLI lifeboat responding to an urgent call for help.

The boat had suffered engine trouble at the mouth of Beaulieu River, minutes after setting off from Bucklers Hard.

Launched at 2.42 pm, the lifeboat crossed the Solent to find that the motorboat had been saved from going aground by the independent Solent Rescue lifeboat. Cowes lifeboat then towed the motorboat back to Bucklers Hard. It returned to station just after 4 pm.

Cowes Lifeboat Responds to Two Radio Alerts

21th July 2019

A false alarm is not unusual for the Cowes RNLI lifeboat crew to discover after launching – but two in one outing this morning was a new experience.

The first alert came from a vessel near Osborne Bay, west of Norris Buoy. After launching at 9.30 am the lifeboat found that an automatic radio alarm had emanated from a RIB, without the knowledge of its crew. With the radio now switched off, the lifeboat escorted the RIB across the shipping lane so that it could continue on to Hamble.

While this escorting was underway another automatic radio alarm came from a vessel near Hillhead. The culprit this time was found to be a vessel involved in a cable-laying operation, and again it was found the activation was down to a malfunction.

The lifeboat returned to the station at 10.05 am.

Cowes Lifeboat Responds to Emergency Call

18th July 2019

A radio call for help led to the launching of Cowes RNLI lifeboat this afternoon, to search for a boat.

Although it was believed the boat was not far from Cowes Harbour, near Prince Consort Buoy, the lifeboat search proved fruitless. However, it was eventually discovered the emergency involved a crew member who had suffered a broken arm aboard a yacht which by then was in the Royal Yacht Squadron Haven.

At the time of the injury the yacht was taking part in a RYS race. The lifeboat went to the haven to offer help. Shortly after the man was taken by friends in a car to St Mary’s Hospital, Newport. The lifeboat, which launched at 2.28 pm, returned to station at 3.15 pm.

Upended Cat Proved No Bundle of Joy In Wind-Lashed Solent

30th June 2019

The capsizing of a sailing catamaran presented a real problem for both its crew and the crew of Cowes lifeboat in the western Solent this afternoon.

The catamaran had turned completely upside down when caught by a gusting south-westerly near East Lepe Buoy, throwing its crew, comprising a teenage girl, her mother and another woman, into the water.

All attempts by the trio to right the craft had failed. The lifeboat, which launched at 2.50 pm, raced to the scene. The teenager, who was in a distressed state, was immediately taken aboard the lifeboat.

Lifeboat member James Luke jumped into the water to assist the two women to try to right the catamaran, but without success. During these efforts James suffered a crushed right hand.

Cowes Harbour Commission launch arrived to give support, but their righting efforts also ended in failure.

Emphasising the challenging conditions, lifeboat helm Mark Harker said later:

“It was really rough and windy, giving everyone a major challenge. The two women were clearly exhausted when they, too, were brought aboard the lifeboat.”

Eventually it was decided the lifeboat should take the catamaran members back to Calshot, and the catamaran, still in its upside-down state, should be towed there by the harbour launch.

The lifeboat returned to station at 3.10 pm, where launch authority Penny Maclean administered an ice pack to James’ hand, which he insisted was not too bad.

This was the second call-out for Cowes lifeboat over the weekend. On Saturday night it went to the aid of a motorboat with two persons on board, stuck in the mud in Newtown Creek. The lifeboat towed the craft off the mud and, when no damaged was found to the hull, it proceeded on to Yarmouth.

The lifeboat, which launched at 11.08 pm, returned to station at 1.14 am.

Another weekend duty for the lifeboat was to provide a safely watch afloat for the starts of the famous Round the Island, which did not lead to any incidents needing its help.

Cowes Lifeboat Dislodges Couple’s Troublesome Anchor Chain

28th June 2019

Members of the lifeboat crew look down on the yacht’s chain

A couple who experienced an unexpected problem with their anchor chain had to call on the help of Cowes RNLI lifeboat this afternoon.

The couple had diverted their 50-foot yacht to Osborne Bay for a leisure break while on passage from Chichester to Bembridge, when their anchor chain became caught up in boat’s bow-thrust aperture.

After launching at 3.26 pm, the lifeboat was soon on the scene. Eventually, with the help of a boat hook and the lifeboat tentatively nudging the yacht’s hull, the chain was successfully dislodged from its unwanted resting place.

With the chain and anchor safely stowed away, yacht then set sail for Bembridge, while the lifeboat returned to station, arriving at 4 pm.